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Help make a difference by using the Q4C platform to complete everyday actions. Your small action will make a huge impact when we donate $5 to the cause of your choice. 

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Over $6 Billion is spent per year on insurance marketing. Quote for the Cause was founded with the primary goal of putting those marketing dollars that would be otherwise spent on ads and leads back into our communities.
If we can help people like you save money and protect your legacy, while simultaneously making a difference in the world we live in,. it is a win-win-win!


Choose the cause or organization that you want to help, and we will gladly donate on your behalf.

You can also elect to dedicate your quote proceeds to the Cause of the Month, which we select based on preset criteria.
The Cause of the Month campaign is designed to generate a lump sum donation that will help make a measurable impact. The campaign theme changes monthly allowing us to concentrate on helping several causes over time.


Work with a Licensed Agent to receive a free no-obligation auto, home, and/or life insurance quote.
We are fully licensed and contracted with multiple carriers. If you like your quote, your agent can help you find a policy that meets your needs.


We will donate $5 for each valid auto or home insurance quote to your chosen cause.
We will donate 6% of premium points for written life insurance policies.


Auto insurance is a legal requirement, and 29% of Americans change insurance carriers each year. By changing the way you shop for insurance, you can help make a significant impact on the resources available to organizations making a difference.

$ 1

per year spent on insurance marketing

$ 1

 given to charity each year

$ 1

spent on insurance premiums each year

Our Impact

Cause Marketing drives $2 Billion per year to non-profit organizations.


  • Quote for the Cause is projected to donate $1 Million to our Cause of the Month and customer selected recipients in the next 5 years.
  • Donating $5000 to a local organization or charity can go along way. We carefully plan our Cause of the Month campaigns to ensure we are making a significant impact that does the most good.
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Every quote counts. This month, we aim to donate $5000 to our Cause of the Month Campaign. This means we can help provide shelter, aid an abuse survivor, educate children, and so much more!
Your free-no obligation quote takes only 5-10 minutes, but has a resounding effect.