3 Ways to Determine if Buying Life Insurance Online Is Really Best For Your Financial Picture.

In the world of Instant Coffee, On-Demand Delivery, and contract slashing, it makes sense that consumers are also drawn to the idea of buying life insurance online. For decades, insurance shoppers, have bore the evolution of insurance sales from the dreadful knock on the door to the annoying telemarketing call. Is completely avoiding an insurance agent the solution?


The bottom line about life insurance is this, we know we need it, but we don’t want to talk about it. It isn’t exciting. It doesn’t feel good to have a conversation about death. Besides, there are a million other things to think about that require our immediate attention today. So, when consumers can turn to the internet to quickly take care of this need without having to have much of a conversation surrounding the ugliness of it, it creates a winning situation, right?


 What if there is a bigger picture that needs to be considered?  


Sometimes policies lapse because of the policy holder not having the much-needed conversation discussing and understanding which role life insurance plays in a much broader financial picture. This results in a loss of money, a loss of time, and a loss in the protection you purchased in the first place.


So, what are your options?


The world of insurance and money in general has gotten a lot more complex over the last decade. Some insurance cases are quite simple. To buy life insurance online when you don’t have children or a spouse may be the best option for you. In most cases, shoppers within this demographic or similar, with a pretty standard health profile can purchase a decent sized policy for a fairly low premium at the click of just a few buttons. This is a great representation of when to buy insurance without an agent.


For others with more complex and unique needs, such as a family, a partner, a job transition, growing assets, special health conditions, or even a business, to buy a life insurance policy online without speaking with an agent, may not be the best option.


If you don’t want to be bombarded with phone calls from multiple insurance sales agents, you may consider these options instead.


  1. Schedule an appointment to speak with an agent.

Instead of going online and requesting a quote, then getting calls from multiple agents, consider requesting a phone appointment online to discuss your insurance needs.

Many consultations can be completed over the phone, but if you prefer meeting in person, most agents make this service available to you.


2. Attend an information session


Experienced Insurance Professionals know that educated clients are empowered clients. Look for agents who offer information sessions either in an online or in-person setting, covering topics unique to you. Learning more about the insurance products and how they can be implemented into your overall financial picture can help you better understand your options in a no-pressure environment.

3. Join an email list related to financial topics you care about. Even better, join an agent’s email list for content unique to you.


Consumers who build a relationship with an agent via in-person events, social media, website blogs, and email newsletters tend to become more confident in understanding their insurance needs and the potential agent they’re working with. There are thousands of websites and social media that discuss topics of insurance and personal finance, but this content is targeted to large groups. By joining your potential agent’s email list, you can generally expect more targeted content that is designed with you in mind.




Taking a transactional approach to insurance shopping can be beneficial for many, but not necessarily for all. Take advantage of the tools, such as these, to help you discover your needs and to help you better understand whether it makes sense to buy life insurance online or with the assistance of a licensed agent. Whatever you decide, life insurance is still important to have for everyone. Protect those you care about and the legacy you leave.



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