How Quote For The Cause Transforms the Way People Do Insurance

Insurance buying has evolved from sitting at the kitchen table with the “Insurance Man” 
(or lady) and answering telemarketing calls to shopping rates online and even 
completing the entire application process online. Now, a new type of company has 
emerged, merging the convenience of online insurance shopping with doing good in the 
Quote For The Cause is an online platform which helps insurance shoppers navigate 
their options for auto, home, life, and health insurance online. When shoppers complete 
their free, zero-obligation insurance quote online, Quote For The Cause donates to the 
charity or cause of their choice. The goal of using the Q4C platform is to enable 
conscious shoppers to both get access to the best rate while helping to make an impact 
in our world.  
Over $6 billion is spent on insurance marketing per year. Quote For The Cause makes it 
possible for some of those dollars to be redirected for good. Non-profits who join the 
Affinity Partner program can seamlessly fundraise for their organization by inviting their 
supporters to use the Q4C platform when they are in the market for insurance.  
Licensed agents in the Quote For The Cause network are thoroughly vetted and must 
meet certain requirements to be a part of the network. Shoppers on the platform 
appreciate working with agents who are associated with a cause and better 
relationships result. 
At Quote For The Cause, we are committed to providing access to quality insurance planning while supporting non-profits doing good in our world. You can shop for and buy insurance anywhere. When you choose to do it with us, you’re choosing to help make a difference. Transform the way you do insurance today. Get started by completing your free zero-obligation auto, home, life, and/or health insurance quote below and a licensed insurance professional will help you navigate your options.


Join the Quote For The Cause community and see how much you can save on your insurance.

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